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I write this to update you all i'm back.
I had lots of ups and downs in past 8 years.

Learned a lot,
Got bruised on my way,
Sometimes I posted and other times I took breaks,
But yet I still continued,
And never stopped.

It's so funny i'm here at devart from past 8 years now,
Some of my followers and admirers have pretty much seen me grow up in my photos here,
I made my account here only to upload all of my photos and ideas which i get,
Really I wana thank you all for supporting me and checking out my work from last 8 years. :>

What I do now?:

I'm a singer/lyricist/poet/events promoter here:…

I share my vlogs/personal development videos here(Subscribe to my youtube channel where you can send me your questions too)…

I am fashion accessories designer at my shop:…

I make concepts in pan-tones here :…

Wanna ask me questions directly? Pop at my profile here:

Ps- I'm here guys you can always message me and i'll reply you ASAP let's talk c:

Hello everyone,
My facebook profile got suspended today
Somebody tried to access it..
Automatically facebook blocked it,
Then when i tried to login..
Facebook asked me to provide copy of my id card along with real name..
& since i did not entered my real name at facebook..
Because i did not wanted my college enemies to find me..
Now i can't even give them proof it's me..
My business page all fucked up!

200+ contacts,
500+ imp pages for references
40000+ snaps of mine
Endless quotes bits from my emotions

All gone just in one blink of eye,
So easy for you mark zuckerberg eh?
To destroy someone's personal 6year  life diary!
F u!

One big conclusion:
I wont make a page there ever again nor should you!
Just taken up a healthy way for expressing myself through form of art,
Everything that's eating me inside,
All those nightmares,
I wanna throw them out,
The most scary part is..
I fear that i won't be able to take it all out of me in time,
That's gonna literally poison me..
Thoughts, ideas keep coming..
& now is the time to do them all,
I waited for 5 years..
& now it's more than enough..

Link below for things that are very psychological to me.:…
Designing my own lamp these days, till it's complete i'll be updating here less ^^ (2 more days & it'll be complete then)!!!

Buh don't think that i got nothing to show you guys ^^ so much stuff happened... i'll be loading pictures of my lamp & some new shit in 2days!
Stay updated,

Thanks for the patience,
Explanation for my disappearance & short updates,
I did boutique job for 4days..^^
The experience was awesome, i had to design, take up customer orders, & deliver product to them along with being the personal assistant of boutique owner:>..

I designed uniform for me & my co ordinator, along with two cards with funky "K" on them..for exhibition^^

Past Four Days Routine:
It was quite nerve breaking, i'd wake up at 3:40am, do my university projects...then by 8am get ready for uni, then from 9am to 1:00pm i'd take class at university(with hardly 15minutes break in between) then would head for work at boutique(Tiring)...

Then from 1:30pm to 11pm i'd  be on my arse working, then get home.. spendtime with my partner , & go to sleep.. then again at exact 3:40am alarm would struck me awake like lightening lol!!!

The major flaw in this job,no drinking water was available there, i endup having mouth ulcers & cankers all over my tongue :X(disaster)...

Missed my university twice because i ended up in fever.. due to over exertion, my ma told me off to quit this job.. my studies were getting affected badly (not cool)!!!

Overall , lesson learned ..i know now it's not as easy it looks like to cope with your studies along with fulltime job...

For now i'm looking for columinist job.. ^^ let's see what happens!!

Btw, my tongue cankers are painful *OucH* any tips? :O
Today was my interview for day care job(like yeah big YAY)...
It was the lamest idea ever , i sooner realized the BITTER side of this job.. Washing bratty kids CRAP?(eeow) .. No don't even get me started.. starting from what you call low pay rate & perfect exploitation...the motherfuckas not even providing tranport plus buy lunch yourself!!!

The only reason i went for this job was(I THOUGHT lol)..
I get along well with kids & can handle them..
And instead i get fucked by shits!!

To hell with this, i'm so better than this crap bag, i deserve so much better...
The manager tried to get cute with me giving "advises" .. sorry your dry advises can give me no help. well see? Everyone willing to give you lame advises but not come forth & do something practically about it!!

So i trash the advises people give me(lame *yawns*) because "drake" & "eminem" gives better of them :D

So what you guys think i should take this "L" job or not ^?
I didn't get the idea of giving penis like badge to someone.. what exactly does this do? I would like to know lol
All screwed , looking here & there for some good part time job.

I just came back from my vacations from Dubai, now it's back to university projects..& looking for some job.

I feel like i'm having anxiety, there's no luck in finding any small job..but i'm not gonna go negative after reading that book on confidence booster, "Never trust your thoughts & negative feelings"...
Okie remember few weeks back i told you guys that i'm occupied planning a trip to somewhere?:>
Well, here it i am!

I reached Dubai day before yesterday, so gonna be spending my next 19days here ^^
To be honest in past 4years stuff has changed alot here!!

4years back there was no metro  here , & today there is one right next to my home lol
Onething that bought me here was "Food" & Ac malls, & ofcourse Shopping:D

I just bought a tube top, a watch ring & new shoes!!
I needa shop under a budget because i will be buying gifts for all my friends & family!!

Will be going on that metro today ^^ gonna be my 1st experience!!
Yup , Ramazan is over, i missed few of my fast that i'll keep after Eid [IA] & it's EID tomorrow here:D!!!

Lots of traditional food, greetings & gatherings^^ can't wait!!

Been gobbling up lots of snacks lately , not gonna blame myself later if my butt will grow bigger lol!!! But that's gonna be such a charm ^_^!!

I'm working on some new designs for my accessories, will upload a peek of them soon..& what not! due to Eid, they have busted out signals at cellphone in many places :// i'm kinda sad , i'm not able to reach my boyfriend!!

They should be back by tomorrow, they "should be" lol !! *crossed*^
My lastnight dinner included:
"Chicken steak , with mashed potatoes & cheese, Cabbage salad & mayonise, Macroni & cheese cream"

My today's dinner included:
"Vegie & chicken mix rice, with traditional Paki dish called "Kari", Cheese & green chilli Pakoras[Our traditional fried eatables], Imli Chutni, & masala lays chips^^ very good combination"

Enjoying food, in try to gain 5kg:>,..let's see if i'll succeed or not.
O yes & update, today was my birthday^^
I can't wait to celebrate it, ^^

I'm planning on a trip , so for now i'm occupied, but after coming back i'd like to celebrate & say "cheese":D!!, take pix n all,..

Resting out , & enjoying the unlimited greetings i'm receiving from my friends & family!!

All is well appreciated!! thanks everyone those who wished me^^
During my trip to "Murree" that was in june 2012, i checked my weight there & it was 42kg..., like i'm 5'3, turning 23years old this august.. this is getting Crazily outta control now...

It's not like i'm "anorexic" or something, i eat well.. but i think all my calories just burn up wee too fast!!

Another thing "guys don't like too skinny girls" right?...
I'm starting "Ensure" from winters, & i'm on "weight-gain-Program" now!!

I need to atleast gain 5kg more,..
It's not that i look "dead skinny" or something, it's just that i need to feel "healthy" i feel lethargic mostly & my sugar level goes down quite fast..

& moreover what? I'm Allergic to milk lol yeah i'm serious!!
Well let's see how much i'll gain in coming 2months ;)!!
I'd like it more if , i'd get bunch of favorites & comments at my deviants^^ , i'm checking out all your messages & requests buh you gotta return back favour to this ol chic as well right?^^ ,.

& 200 watch requests? you gotta be kidding me & go easy on me guys!!

Check my new pix!
x ^^
Apologies fellas , i wanted to get away from photo editing for a while so i'm watching "monster high" ^^ My favorite toons!!

I'm also making sets for myself in my wardrobe, For my upcoming trip to this place[*That'll be a surprize once i'll get there^^], it's gonna be so awesome this time i'm feeling it!!

Just got new cells for my electronic dictionary learning new words daily :D[ forgot to mention that's my hobby too, i collect new "words & slangs"]..

My bestfriend[peeno] gone to saudi arabia, ozymandias caught chicken pox [I didn't contacted her since ages, chicken pox freaks me out],..

Whereas i'm just enjoying my vacations , & hey i forgot to mention "Happy Ramazan mubarik" to everyone from my side [Sorry a bit late for this , but i'm writing this entry today that's why^^], I'm fasting?Trying to [lol i dehydrate alot]!!

Ma gone to Usa , so i'm waiting for her to come back!!!
Btw [By the way] , hating weather here , it's sooo freaking boiling...i Love winters , & boo to summers!! >,<
On my way to home yesterday, i took off with a friend to this shop, she had placed order for two mugs,..

Come to know about something that's called "magic mug",^^
Get the colour printed on mug say red or black, pour in hot water & a picture pops out on the colour palette cool or what?

You can choose the photo to appear from your own choice, can be anything your own pic say , the cost of magic mug is 500rs , you can also add a personal message along side the photo on mug under this range perfect gift i'd say for someone special to you :>!! i'll make one for myself for sure!!
I did this research on my lil poochies my "birdies" , was shocked to know my pets are called "zebra finches" australian breeds :>, they Like to eat all sortza seeds from cucumber's seeds, tomatoe seeds, egg shells, grains & lettuces , they to breed in baskets ,

& the male one sings a song when he wants to mate, the male also makes the nest for his girl ,& the female only arranges the nest from inside then :D o boi my birds are quite skinny then the picture i found from google i better start feeding them lots & make them fatty :D!!!
I'm draining in stress for past whole week with projects lined up, & i'm gettin' sooo fedup.. from completing one thing then the other one comes in :s it's like i'm not gettin' space to breathe .. ,

tummy twisters, & nerves!! gettin' em alot , can't stop thinking that what if my work never makes it through the signatures of my teachers????...

I'll lose 30marks outta 100 :XXXXX!!!

WIsh me luck everyone !!
I'm a very honest & straightforward chic, who does'nt give a damn about anyone!! i don't believe in "bitching" & "bitches" [as friends x)]...

I remain busy in my work, in doing crazy-over-the-top-artistic-shit , so don't get much time for adding a "full stop" to my life ..& keep concerns about anyone x)!!

I enjoy rainfalls, & making memories + travelling x)!!!!