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I write this to update you all i'm back.
I had lots of ups and downs in past 8 years.

Learned a lot,
Got bruised on my way,
Sometimes I posted and other times I took breaks,
But yet I still continued,
And never stopped.

It's so funny i'm here at devart from past 8 years now,
Some of my followers and admirers have pretty much seen me grow up in my photos here,
I made my account here only to upload all of my photos and ideas which i get,
Really I wana thank you all for supporting me and checking out my work from last 8 years. :>

What I do now?:

I'm a singer/lyricist/poet/events promoter here:…

I share my vlogs/personal development videos here(Subscribe to my youtube channel where you can send me your questions too)…

I am fashion accessories designer at my shop:…

I make concepts in pan-tones here :…

Wanna ask me questions directly? Pop at my profile here:

Ps- I'm here guys you can always message me and i'll reply you ASAP let's talk c:

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Submitted on
October 11, 2016